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To the Rt: Honnobl: Sr Henry Chicheley Kt: his Maties: Deputy Governor: & Capt: Genrll: of Virginia And to the Honnobl: Councill of State. Wee the subscribers, inhabitants & house keepers of St Stephens parish in the County of New kent: Most humbly sheweth: That yor: Petition:rs: have beene for severall yeares past burthened wth: an Illegall Vestry Elected. & made up for the major part without the Knowledg or Consent of the parish as the Law Injoynes; and of such Illitterate & Ignorant men as are, and have been, Ever Ruled and Awed by one or two p[a]rticulars p[e]rsons, who are soe Insulting, and of such Ill disposed & turbulent spirits & dispositions,That noe Minister Cann or will stay wth, us or teach amongst us; by wch: meanes, the service of God is wholly neglected, our Church gon to Ruine, and Church Desipline & Governm: almost Clearely laid aside: And forasmuch as our said Parish is not destitute, of such Able, discreet, and honest men as may fittly supply the places of severall week & Ignorant p[e]rsons of the prsent vestry according to the good Lawes of this Country; Yor Petrs: [Petitioners] in all humillity supplicateth yor honnrs. that wee may have Liberty to Elect & make Choice by ye Genrll: voat [vote] of ye Inhabitants of our said Parish of such Persons (for a new Vestry) as in our Judgmts: may seeme meet & Convenient which will Indubitabely [indubitably] tend much to the Glory of God, And the peace & welfare of the whole Parish. And yor Petrs: as in all Humillity and Duty bound, for yor: Honnrs: shall Ever pray &c.

William Wyatt Jacob Lumpkin John his ‡ mark Davis William his W marke Burch Benj Arnold James [Paylor?] William [illegible] William [illegible] Abraham Eppes Alexandr [Smith?] George Broding's marke Robert Spencer Anthony Richardson Richard harman John Wood John Richards John [Middellton?] Jos: [Cockerham?] Richard Owen John Madison Jonathan Grilles Edward E marke Pigg's Nath: Vies his marke James [Cammell?] William his W marke Du[illegible] [illegible] Yorke Thomas [hoskins?] Henry his H marke Phillips Henry H Pigg Robart Coleman Timothy his O marke [Tovey?] John Lylly his marke John Cooke his marke Dennis Scandon marke Daniel D Scandon's marke Thomas White his marke Edward Shurly his marke George [Heston?] David [Cave?] Edward [Eynon?] Robert Pollard James his ‡ marke Gray Willia[m] his W mark Symore Joseph Haile his marke Robert Newis his marke Jerimiah his C marke Claiton Wil[illegible] Will: S[illegible]y William W Nichols William Holcomb: James Didlock Timothy Carter John his D mark Derham John M Major Simon his R mark Ramsey Samuell his Z mark Conaway Allexandr A C mark[Camwell?] William A ffinny his marke [Ringing?] his R marke Gardner William his T marke Blake Thom: Plunket his marke Nicholas Abbott his marke John his ‡ marke Brae John his X marke Dobbs William his N marke Harper Rich: Williams marke