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To his Excellentcy francis Lord howard Barren of Effingham his Maty Lt. and Govr. Generall of Virga & ye Honrabl Councell of State The Honble pett of Porter Smith In most humble manner sheweth That in ye yeare 1682 your Pettr and Jno Sandford being part Owners of a small vessell Called ye John and Mary and hee being Intrusted to goe In her on a voyage to Jamaica & Sail to Returne to Virge. and some time after her Arrivall your Pett demanded an accompt [account] of ye voyage from ye sd Sandford who after Some delays shewed your Pett an accompt amounting to about one hundred pounds & some Small time after drew up [illegible] [illegible] acct amounting to150 a pounds whereupon your Pett aprehending that ye sd Sandford went about to defraud your Pett, your Pett therefore [Caught?] ye sd Sandford to bee [illegible] to ye County Court of Lower Norfolk, where ye said Sandford presented a Paid accompt amounting to [illegible] 15 /s 5 [illegible] whereupon ye sd Court Reffered ye Cause to [illegible] and [illegible] to Certaine men by them apointed for ye purpose to whome ye sd Sandford delivered a full acct amounting to two hundred & thirty [three?] pd. [illegible] money, and [illegible] ye sd Auditors nott Rightly understanding ye acct delivered a Report to ye sd County Court whereby your Pett Became Indebted to ye sd Sandford 5£13/s. [7d?] whereupon ye sd Court wthout Examination of ye sd. acct granted ye sd Sanford [illegible] agt. your Pettr for ye [Same?], and your Pettr. being Ignorant In ye laws did nott Consent an apeale from ye sd order, butt being afterwards Better Advised did humbly Cause a supersedes of ye sd. [order?] from your Excelentcy; upon wh. your Pettr. and ye sd Sandford did agree and bind [themselfes?] by bond Each to other to Reffer ye sd [debt?] and all others between us to [illegible] and finall determination of foure Psons by us agreed upon who found that ye sd Sandford was Indebted to your Pett. yett [illegible] [illegible] may it please your Excelentcy that ye sd Sandford hath now [illegible] your Pett. to ye sd County Court In two actions of ye [Case?], Intending thereby nott only to delay your Pett butt by his libelous Suites to Ruine your Pett. for wh. Cause your Pett Is Ready & willing to proceed upon ye supersedes, and Reffer ye whole matter to ye Honable Court humbly praying your Excelentcy to take your poore Pettrs. Cause Into Serious Consideracon and to grant him order agt ye sd Sandford for what Justly [apeare due?] togeather wth. Cost. And your Pett as In duty bound Shall Ever pray &c