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Told you a Lye, and did offer you assistance as you wanted, Provided you would be advised by me, for I know ye French better then any of you doe Now Since there is a warr begunn upon you by ye governr. of Canida I hope without any Provocation by you given, I desyre and Command you yt you will hearken to no Treaty but by my advice which if you follow, you shall have ye Benefite of ye great chain of friendship that is lately concluded between ye great King of England and ye french king, which came out of England ye other day, which I have sent to Canida by Anthony Lesjunard, in ye mean time I will give you such advice as will be for your good and supply you with such necessaries as you will have need off. First My advice is yt. as many Prisoners of ye French as you take yt you draw not there blood, but bring them home and keep them to Exchange for ye People of yours which they have Prisoners already or may take hereafter. 2 That if Possible you can order it Soe, I would have you take one or two of your wisest Sachims and one or two chiefs Capt. of each nation to be a Councill to manage all ye affaires of ye warr, and they to give orders to ye Rest of ye officers what they are to doe, that your Designs may be kept Private, for after it comes amongst so many People, it is Blazed abroad, and your Design oftentimes Frustrate, and those chieffe men to keep Correspondence

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