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May it please your Excellency This House haveing Considered the several addresses of the House of Burgesses of severall former Assemblies and of your Excellencies answer to the House of Burgesses Dated May ye 7th 1684 Wherein your Excellency was then pleased to assure the House that you would make it your fare that the Laws should be Revisd, with directions for such observations as should be found necessary to be made in the Body of the Laws, and so to be reported to the next Generall Assembly for their Consideration & approbation, to the Intent they might bee accordingly by the Genll. Assembly humbly psented to his Majtie. for his allowance. And your Exlncy haveing been pleased the second instant to send them so collected to this House in Complyance to their Addresse Now may it please your Excellency this House Considering, That, that Collection or Revisall haveing taken up so much tyme & paines of those Honoble persons who were by your Excellency appointed thereunto, as being a work of that weight and moment, It will likewise Require a due serious and deliberate Consideration of this House, which tyme now dureing the sitting of this Assembly cannot possibly be afforded. This House doe therefore & humbly pray your Excellency that some of the Honoble Councill appointed by your Excellency, together with some select members of this House may by a Law bee appointed to Inspect and peruse the sd Collection and so to Consider of the same; And to Report their Observations made thereupon to your Excellency the Honoble: Councill and the Burgesses of the next Assembly to the Intent they may bee humbly prsented to his most sacred Majtie: for his Royall Confirmation Signed by order of the House Artr. [Arthur] Allen speakr: May ye.11th: 1688