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At a Vestorye held ye 6th daye of May 1695 St. Johns Prish in Kinge & Queen Countye Present In obedience to an order of his Excelencye and Honrable Counsell bearinge date Maye the first 1695 Wee the sd Vestory havinge mett to Examinge the Reason of the Complaint of Mr Monro: doe finde that on ye 20th of Aprill Last wee haveinge mett in order to the agreeing with Mr John Monro Minester for the Insueinge year and to show our willingnes did offer him thirteen thousand three hundred thirty four pounds of tobacco & Caske Convenient which hee slightingly Refused and allsoe parted from us in greate anger have in noe provocasion theire toe not with standing this we sent one of the Vestorye after him to Request his answer to our proposal: which was that in a slightinge manner hee answered that he would make noe agreement and soe Road: awaye upon which wee made an order that ye Church Wardens should againe waite on him to know if hee would accept of ye same which the sd Church Wardens did but hee still slighted and Refused which order alsoe impowered them upon his Refusall to provide an other Minester Mr Monro upon this: goeinge: oute of our Pish [Parish] and: not acquaintinge the Vestory of his Returne: or that hee would accept of our offer made him the Church Warden omitted goeings to the Chapell hee supposting the Prish to be vacant of a minester Roger Mabry Henry ffox Martin Palmer Jnr [illegible] Wm: Burford Jr Daniell Miles Thomas T Leay Henry Madison