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To his Excty Edward Nott Esqr: her Maj:tys Lieut: & Governor Generall of Virginia. May it please your Excty.

We her Majesty's Dutifull and Loyall Subjects the Burgesses of this her Colony and Dominion of Virga: now assembled, humbly begg Leave to represent to your Excty that we have taken into Consideracon the Complaint of Edward Creekmore, Henry Dale, John Creekmore, Edmond Creekmore, Richard Hodges, and Roger Hodges Inhabitants of Norfolk County within this Dominion; and that thereupon it doth appear to us that the Rent Gatherers of North Caroline in the name of the Proprietors thereof, have for some time past Demanded and made Distress for the Quit rents of Severall Parcells of Land, which they hold by virtue of Patents granted by Sr: Edmond Andros Late Governor here, and that the said Complainers by means of the said unjust proceedings ly [lie] under great hardship, and that for remedy thereof we Conceive it necessary the Bounds of this Dominion next to North Carolina should be Laid out and ascertained as soon as Conveniently may be; but for as much as that work may remain unperformed for some time, We therefore pray your Excty to take Such Measures as you in your wisdom shall think most Proper, for the future prevencon of the Like hardships, to the said Complainers, or any other of her Majesty's Subjects, who have the happiness to Live under your Exctys Government. By order of the House of Burgesses June. 19. 1706 B: Harrison Speaker

[vertically at left] Burgs Address abt No Carolina 1706