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To the Honble. Alexander Spotswood Her Majesties Lieutent. Governr, of Virginia Wee her Majests. most Loyall and Dutifull Subjects the Burgesses now mett in assembly being deeply Sencible of horrid Barbaritys, murthers and hostilitys lately committed upon her Majesties Subjects in North Carolina by certain Indians of the Tuscarora Nation. And duly considering the Dangers which dayly threaten the Inhabitants of this Colony from that nation humbly entreate yor Honor. as well for the defence and Security of this Country as for doing right to our injured and oppressed Neighbours that you will be pleased to declare Warr against those Tuscarora Indians their Adherents & abettors And to Enter into Such Treatys and Alliances with the Government of North Carolina or any other Governments as for that purpose to yor. Honor. shall Seem proper. And being Sencible that the Success of Such undertakings under the Devine favour and goodness will in great measure depend on provision to be made Suitable thereunto - Wee beg leave to assure yor. Honr. we will Exert our Selves to the utmost in giving Such timely Supplys as shall be Sufficient to Enable your Honr. effectually to performe and make good your Treatys and Alliances as also to prosecute and finish the Said Warr to the Honor. of her Majesty and to the Safety and wellfare of her Subjects. And if yor. Honour shall think fit to Denounce Warr - Wee pray you will be pleased to lay before us an Estimate of the Charge of carrying on that Service for Six months that thereby wee may concert proper methods for raising a Fund Sufficient to answer the intended design. By order of the House of Burgesses November 28th 1711 Peter Beverley Speakr.