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Virginia Fort Acomack Entering Inwards in the Plantations from the 29th September 1713 to [illegible] January 1714 & soon to 15th March 1714 Time of Entery Ships Names of What Place Masters Names Kind of Built Burthen of Tonns When, Where Built When & Where Registered Owners Names hhs of Rum [illegible] rum hhs Mallas. [illegible] mallas. Cask of Sugar hhs of Salt Wooden Ware Earthen Ware European Goods [poices?] linnon Loofe parcells of European Goods Iron Potts & Kettles Barr of [Sydor?] hhs of Wine From [Whence?] When & Where Bond Given 7[br?] [illegible] 30th 1713 Monseratt Boston Thomas Fauks [Squr.?] Sternd Sloop 30 Boston 1700 Boston [illegible] 23 December 1708 John Bulkely Wm. Holbert Wm. Clarke [Jim?] thy [Grout?] Barr 4 3 10 [illegible] [illegible] Box 5 [illegible] 7[br?] [illegible] 30th 1713 Nathaniell Boston Stephen Paine [Squr.?] Sternd Sloop 50 Boston 1712 Boston July the 31st 1712 Nath. [le?] Olliver 1 [Trunk?] [hogshoad?] Box Barrill 6 2 doz: Hatts 4 pc: Callico 5 poices [Tomalls?] 6 & g axos Boston 8[br?] [illegible] 21st 1713 Mulbery of this Port Philip Kelinack [Squr?] Sternd Sloop free Virginia 1712 Wm. Burgh Aprill [illegible] 14th 1712 John Bowden 2 4 2 12 dozen poices 20 doz. Peices a parcell Window [Glafs?] Brim: Stone [pipa?] [illegible] 2 poices [naufline?] a p. Allamodo Some habar: dafhery Boston 9[br?] [illegible] 5th 1713 John of this Port [Pentecost?] League [Squr?] Sternd Sloop free Maryland 1708 Wm. Burgh 7[br?] [illegible] 8th 1712 John Bowden John Chapell 2 2 Dozen poices 50 Allum 2 anchors one Cable Six poices Coarsoy 11 5 poices of Callico 1 p. [muflin?] 10 po. of neckcloaths Boston 9[br?] [illegible] 5th 1713 Resolution Hartford Joanh [Grofs?] [Squr?] Sternd Sloop 30 Plymouth 1710 Boston Jan. [illegible] 20th 1710 Jonah [Grofs?] Sam. Robins 2 1 1 15 a parcell a parcell 5 Boxes 6 [illegible] Cask powder 300th Shot 5 one doz. [Woll?] Cards Hartford 10[br?] [illegible] 15th 1713 Abigall Salem Benjamin Bush [Squr?] Sternd Sloop 45 Salem 1713 Boston May the 28th 1713 Benjamin Pickman 6 6 & 2 Barr 2 5 a parcell of Chairs 3 34th Spice 70th Ginger 12 & [illegible] of [ffish?] 2 Salem Salem [illegible] 27th 1713 [Hoe?] Enteryes from the 15th December 1713 to the 25th March 1714 WM. Watters Nav. officer