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ARTICLES of Agreement concluded and made the twenty first day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifteen Between the Honble Alexander Spotswood His Majestys Lieutenant Governor & Commander in Chief of the Colony & Dominion of Virginia of the one part, and William Dandridge of the County of Elizabeth City Gent of the other part WHEREAS the above named William Dandridge hath by one certain Writing bearing even date with these presents Covenanted and agreed to cause to be transported from the Port of Hampton in Virginia to Charles Town in South Carolina in the Sloop William whereof he is Owner the number of Thirty men being part of the Forces raised in Virginia for the assistance of the Province of South Carolina It is hereby Covenanted and agreed by and between the partys to these presents that the said William Dandridge shal forthwith put on board the said Sloop such a quantity of good wholesome provisions of beeff or Porke, and also of Biskett, and Pease as shal be sufficient for the subsistence of the said Thirty men during the said Voyage from Virginia to Carolina. That is to say from the time of their Embarkation to the time of their Being landed and put on shore at Charlestown. IN CONSIDERATION whereof the said Alexander Spotswood doth Covenant promise and agree to and with the sd William Dandridge that he the said Alexander Spotswood shal well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said William Dandridge or his assigns out of his Matys Revenues of Virginia so much Current money as the several species of provisions furnished by the sd Wm Dandridge and expended for the subsistence of the said men during the aforesd Voyage shal cost according to ye rates thereof Current in the Country .And for the better ascertaining the quantity of provisions expended during the sd Voyage It is hereby mutually agreed that an Account shal be taken and signed by the Mr [Master] of the sd Sloop & the Commanding officer of the sd men of the quantity of provisions put on board, and of the quantity thereof remaining at the determination of the Voyage and that any part of the provisions remaining shal be sold by the sd Wm Dandridge at a less price than ye same cost in Virginia, the sd Alexander Spotswood for and on behalf of the Governmt of Virginia doth promise and agree to make good such loss to ye sd Wm Dandridge or his assigns. In Witness whereof the parties to these presents their hands and seals have put the day & year first above written [signed] A Spotswood [red wax seal] [signed] W Dandridge [red wax seal] Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of Jno Holloway Francis Kennedy