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Venice Italy. Dear Hester: Received your letter yesterday and sure was glad to hear from you I am getting along fine at present but I just got out of the hospital last Tuesday. I was in 14 days. I had some kind of fit but I guess I am OK now as they wouldnt have let me out. You asked about the country and the people over here. Well as for the people they are about like the United States except for their language. They sure dont like American soldiers either. They say they like the Germans better. That suits me just fine for I dont care for them either. Oh once in a while I take a girl to the show or boat riding but I would never think of marrying one of them. The most of the country isnt tore up very much and the people are building everything back pretty fast. Some of it is tore up so bad though that it will never be fixed up. That is where the United States gets the blame. Florence is one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far but I am going to do some traveling around from now on. My regular camp is up next to Trieste but my outfit is down here on a 10 day rest period. We are out on Lido island it is only 15 minutes boat ride to Venice. Things seem so funny to me that I dont believe I will ever get used to the way they do things. The streets here in Venice is canals and instead of riding a taxi we ride a gondola. It sure is a lot of fun if you dont have anything else to do. We stay in the finest buildings in town when we are at the regular camp. It has been an Italian army camp and one battalion stays in one building. All buildings over here are stone and I bet they are cold as the dickens in the winter. Here we are staying at the Wagner hotel the best on the island. There are several places on the mainland that I am going to see before I leave here and the next time I get a rest period I want go to to Rome. This picture is supposed to be me and I wish I could send it without folding it but I cant. I waited on the man to draw it and it cost me about 15c in American money. Well Hester I guess that will be about all for this time so I will close hoping to hear from you all again real soon. Love Lester. Oh yea I can look out of my window and see a whole grove of banana plants.