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[left facing page]

To My Sister Nettie Who for all that age can bring, Would forget life's budding spring? Hours of frolic! school-boy days! Fully of merry pranks and plays; When the untaught spirit beats With a thousand wild conceits; When each pleasure bright and new, Sparkles fresh with heavenly dew; When the light that shines abroad Seems the very [sic] smiles of God; -- Who, in after toil and strife, Would forget the morn of life? Your Brother Aug 12th 1861

[right facing page] Miss Nettie I wish I wish, I dare not say The warmest wish I feel for Thee I wish thine hours might float as gay. Sunbeams o'er the deep blue seas. Miss Nettie. Remember Your Friend, T.

March 23thrd 1862.