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[left facing page] Dedication

In this pretty book we write, Whate'er friendship may invite, In affection, ever true, For these pages bring to view

Happy thoughts in verse may shine Beautiful in every line, And the free unnumbered prose, Virtuous sentiments disclose.

Critics need not here approach - We no learned subjects broach; Friendship is the theme most dear- Friendships offerings are here.

March 17the 1866 Mountain View Augusta Co Va

[right facing page]

To my friend Nettie Classmate, why do thoughts of sadness Steal across thy spirit now, Why is that bright wreath of gladness, Twined with cypress on thy brow? All our youthful toils are ended, All our struggles now are o'er, Home with peace and joy attended, Becks us there to sigh no more.

But though now we part in sadness, Bonds so strong and ties so sweet, Still we have one thought in gladness, Oft in memory we shall meet. Farewell, Classmate, now we sever Dearer Ties than Tongue can tell, And though This should be forever Farewell Classmate Fare thee well. Sarah S. Sitlington