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[left facing page] March 2nd 1863 I feel complimented, my dear Nettie, that you wish me to write, in your album. I am sorry I have no poetic talent. During my short sojourn at "Glen Cove", your winning gentleness of manner, combined with your many acts of kindness to me & mine, have endeared you to my heart, with more than an ordinary friendship.Now that duty calls me to remove from your immediate neighborhood, I beg you, to allow me. to retain a place in your memory. When you go on the holy Sabbath to Horeb & join in singing praises to our God, O think not only of me, but of him, whose voice is now swelling the heavenly chorus. And, my dear Nettie, will we not unite, in making it our chief end, from this time, to prepare to join the ransomed host in heaven? That we may meet there with all we love & have loved is the sincere prayer of your attached friend C. S. Crawford

[right facing page] [Engraving] Engraved by J.C. Buttro Rapids, near the Village of Cedars