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To the General Assembly of the State of Virginia

The Petition of William L. Lewis of the County of Londoun Humbly sheweth. That you Petitioner hath intermarried with a certain, Miss Ann Dunninton of the State of Maryland who was possessed of four slaves viz Joseph Stephen Peter & Syntha & your Petitioner is informed that at the session 1805 of the Virginia Assembly a Law Passed which will prevent your Petitioner from bringing the said slaves to his place of residence in the state of Virginia. this your Petitioner thinks a hardship as he intends the slaves for his own use: that he does not wish to be deprived of them or to part with them on any terms whatever. Your Petitioner therefore Humbly prays that you will pass a law granting leave to the Petitioner to bring the said slaves to Laudoun County in the State of Virginia where he resides & where his other Possessions lie. under such restrictions as your Honorably body may think proper & your Petitioner will ever pray. W. L. Lewis