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[imprinted letterhead] St. Paul's Church, Petersburg, Va. Rev. E. P. Dandridge, Rector

Jan. 29, 1918. Dear Miss Virginia: There has just come to me a copy of "House Bill - A Bill to Extend the usefulness of the University &c." together with a letter signed by Mrs. Munford and yourself. I am more distressed than I can tell you to know that you have come out for co-education at the University as against the co-ordinate college plan. For this bill provides squarely and unmistakably for coeducation. Of course you have a right to your views. You may be right & I wrong. But I'm dead against you in this and am most earnestly hoping that the bill will not pass. Certainly it is not fair to put this scheme forward under the caption and patronage of the "Co-ordinate College League", for it seems to give to co-education the support of all those who have been in favor of a coordinate college. If the League is committed to advocacy of this bill, please remove my name from its roll. Thank you for letting me see just what is contemplated. Faithfully your Friend E. P. Dandridge