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The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. E.I. Ford, Superintendent Terminals Newport News, Va.

March 3rd, 1916.

Dear Mrs. Munford; -


Please accept my hearty congratulations for getting the Co-ordinate College Bill through the Senate.

I am exceedingly sorry that you did not get as many votes in the Senate this year as you did in the last Legislature, however, that does not mean that the sentiment was any less in the House.

I note with a great deal of pleasure that my friend S.W. Holt stuck to you, and I am sure that you can count on the member of the House from this District. I talked to him with my whole soul and I am satisfied that he is line up all right.

With very best regards, I am, Sincerely E.I Ford

Mrs. Mary Cooke Branch Munford, Chairman Central Committee, Coordinate College League Richmond, Virginia.