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The courses should be both cultural and vocational and students taking these courses would get the benefit of a cultural education not only for the purpose of serving themselves, but for serving the State as well.

There are 491 high schools in the State; of this number more than 400 are in the county districts.

It is incumbent upon the State to provide this training at a place where girls from the country will go, if the country high schools are expected to reap any benefits from the State institution giving this work. Our experience is that girls who come to us from the country go back to the country to teach, and those who come from cities prefer to do their teaching in cities.

Our enrollment for the present session is 631; of this number five-sixths are from the country districts and small towns.

There are 1222 high school teachers in the State, 503 men and 719 women; 427 of the 1222 have had the requisite collegiate 2

training; 236 have had as much a two years of college work; 559 have had less than two years of work of college grade.

The above figures show that there is an urgent need now for better qualified teachers in our high schools.

The State Female Normal School is now offering a two-year course of college grade with reference to preparing teachers for the two-year high schools. We are asking that we be allowed to offer two more years of this work and thus fit girls to teach in any grade of high school.

When young women complete a four-year course above high school graduation, they are entitled to an appropriate degree. We are therefore asking that the Legislature change the name of the institution from State Female Normal School to State Female Normal College for Women and give authority to the Board of Trustees to confer such degrees as will meet with the approval of the State Board of Education.

This latter clause safeguards the courses offered and protects the people of the State from any danger of having the 3