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institution measure up to the standard requirement for a State Normal College.

This work can be done at a very small additional cost to the State and at no additional cost to the student, as we can train high school teachers for the same that we train elementary school teachers - that is, $150.00 per session for board, furnished room, fuel, lights, laundry, medical attention, library fees, etc.

The additional two-year course will not in any way interfere with our present work of preparing teachers for the elementary schools.

The demand for high schools teachers is a growing demand as the high school system is still in course of development; when the other Normal Schools reach the point where they have as many as 300 students doing purely professional work (based upon four-year high school graduation) then, in order to render the most efficient service to the public school system, they also should begin the work of training high school teachers.

It is the duty of the State to provide an institution where young women of moderate means can get collegiate training which will fit them for efficient service


to the State as high school teachers and a place where the environment is such that no one will be debarred from taking advantage of the opportunities offered.

There can be no sound objection to the State Normal College Bill: It meets every reasonable requirement. It offers both cultural and vocational education. Training will be given at a minimum cost to the student. There will be a very small additional cost to the State. It will meet an urgent need of the public school system. The work has already been begun at Farmville-thirty students having entered this Term upon the two-year course leading to the preparation of high school teachers. This work will in no way interfere with the present work of preparing teachers for the elementary schools. The addition of this work to the School at Farmville will in no way dwarf or retard the work of the other Normal Schools. 5