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A BILL. To establish a State Normal School Council and Prescribe its duties. 1. Be it Enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia, that there be and is hereby created and established the State Normal School Council, which said Council shall be composed of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the president of the Boards of Trustees of the respective normal schools of Virginia, created and established for the education of white women; the presidents of the said respective schools, together with one member of the Board of trustees of each of said schools to be designated by the respective boards. 2. The said State Normal School Council shall at least once each year meet at some place to be designated by the Council from time to time; it shall elect one of its members president and one secretary. 3. The Council shall be and is hereby empowered to form such rules and regulations for its own government as to it may seem proper, and adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of the respective schools as shall be recommended to it by the respective boards of trustees. 4. The Council shall, with a view to uniformity of conduct of the respective schools, both in its business, as well as school department, adopt such methods of keeping account and its books and the general conduct of its business matters as seems best for the management of the respective schools. It shall arrange the normal school course of study so as not to have any unnecessary duplication of its work, recommend to the boards of trustees such courses of study as may be suited for the conditions of the said normal school schools, which may include a four [written over the "four":2] year course of college grade, which shall be both cultural and vocational; provided, however, such college course shall not be as offered until the consent of the State Board of Education is obtained.