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Mrs. Munford. -2- State Normal School for Women Farmville, Virginia President's Office would affect a few of the city high schools. We are already offering here at Farmville a three-year course for the preparation of high school teachers and expect to offer the fourth year in the very near future. These teachers get their training at the same cost as those who prepare for work in the elementary schools, i.e., for $150.00 per session for board, furnished room, laundry, etc. A high school teacher should have four years of work above high school graduation, in a professional atmosphere, surrounded by fellow-students who are preparing themselves to teach and taught by instructors who keep constantly in mind the fact that they are training teachers. Trusting that I have made my views in this matter clear and that you will realize that in taking this stand I am simply standing for the rights of the Normal Schools and not against any progress in our educational system, I am Yours very truly, J. L. Jarman JLJ:T