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Lynchburg, Va. Feby. 12th 1916. Dear Sir: The bill offered by the Hon. Hugh A. White for the establishment of a "Standard A College" for women, co-ordinated with the Normal School system of the State, meets the approval of the State Normal Alumnae, the student body of the system, and all the women of the State who have been approached on the question and who for moral, social and economic reasons, are opposed to the co-ordination of such a school with the University at Charlottesivlle.

The "A Standard College" in connection with the Normal System has the following advantages, over the proposed co-ordination at Charlottesville: 1st. The expense to the State would be nothing in comparison to such co-ordination at Charlottesville. 2nd. The expense to the student would be half as much as proposed by the co-ordination at Charlottesville. 3rd. School authorities who believe that the wealth of the State should educate the children, favor such a plan. 4th. There are no moral, social, or economic reasons in opposition to such co-ordination. 5th. Such a course would be the logical development and completion of the present Normal system. 6th. The work would be given in the atmosphere of the State's provision for professional training of women. 7th. The "A Standard Normal College" would have a student body of over 1500 pledged State students, from which to draw its patronage. 8th. Such extension of the system has been the hope of the Alumnae Association for years. 9th. It is in direct accordance with the great principle of democracy, "equal opportunity for all".

In view of these reasons, and because we believe it is only through such a college for women that the public schools of Virginia will be benefitted, we ask you to support this bill with your influence and your vote. Very faithfully yours, Mrs. A. P. Montague, Vice Pres. Alumnae Assn. Farmville State Normal School for Women.