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College Training THE countersign which today opens the Door of Opportunity and of Service is "Efficiency." This is preeminently the day of specializing and nowhere is this statement more clearly demonstrated than in the educational world. The old-fashioned, "all-around" teacher has passed - the teacher who feels that she can handle anything from the kindergarten to the high school advertises herself as lacking in special training.

Students who complete the work of the high school, with the expectation of becoming teachers, should enter at once upon their professional training. Graduates of accredited high schools are eligible for entrance to either the two-year Professional Courses at the State Normal School for Women at Farmville, or to the four year College Course.

The institution offers the following opportunities to the prospective teachers of the State of Virginia: Two-year Professional Courses which specialize in the work of the kindergarten, primary, intermediate and grammar grades (for both rural and city schools), the high