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school, special work in Home Economics and County Demonstration Work. Students taking the courses for the rural schools get part of their practice-teaching in the Rural Training School and part in the regular Training School at Farmville.

The four-year College Course prepares for work in the high school and leads to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. The courses offered are planned after those of the leading Normal Colleges of the United States and the instruction is thorough and intensive. Students who wish to take only a two-year course preparatory to high school work, are granted the same diploma as those who complete the other two year courses, when they finish the Second Year of the College Course.

Expenses for the College Course are the same as for any other courses. Students taking this course are also entitled to the State Scholarship, which gives them free tuition upon their pledge to teach for two years in the public schools of Virginia-the pledge required of all State Scholarship students. Catalogue will be sent out upon request to any one desiring further information. Address THE REGISTRAR STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FOR WOMEN FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA