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Barnard College Columbia University New York

Office of the Dean

November 26, 1915.

Miss Virginia S. McKenney, 1375 Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Virginia.

My dear Miss McKenney: -

I am very glad to give you whatever information I can to aid in the campaign of the Coordinate College League.

Under separate cover I am mailing to you a copy of the last volume of Annual Reports of the University, on pages 78ff, of which you will find a list of the special funds of Barnard College, with the names of the donors. Many of them, as you will see, are women. Besides these gifts, the three blocks of land known as Milbank quadrangle came from Mrs. Anderson, as did Milbank Hall. Our other two academic buildings were also given by women. The Students' Hall, which we are about to erect, however, at the cost of about $500,000, is the gift of a man, Mr. Jacob H. Schiff. The facts regarding the new Million Dollar Endowment Fund which we are trying to raise are not yet entirely available.

With regard to your quotation from President Butler's address, "The conditions of residence and instruction are separate for college students of the two sexes", this seems to me such a perfectly possible and normal situation that I find it difficult to imagine what it is that your opponents need to have explained to them. our resident students live, of course, in our own dormitory, and the rules and regulations governing that hall have no connection whatsoever with the rules and regulations governing the dormitories for the men undergraduates. As it happens the women students eat their meals in the residence hall, whereas the men do not have meals served in the University dormitories. There are probably countless other differences, but I cannot explain them because I never come in contact with the conditions of residence of the men students.

The agreement between Columbia University and Barnard College has, as you doubtless know, the following provision:- "That the University will confer the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science upon any student of Barnard College who shall have satisfactorily fulfilled in Barnard College the requirements of the University Statutes for that degree. The courses in Barnard College leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science shall be determined and administered by its own Faculty, and all examinations for admission to Barnard College and in course shall be conducted under the authority of