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Miss McKenney -2-

the Faculty of Barnard College. The diploma shall be signed by the President of the University and by the Dean of Barnard College. The degrees conferred upon the graduates of Barnard College shall be maintained at all times as of equal value with the corresponding degrees conferred upon the graduates of Columbia College. The equivalency of the two degrees shall be maintained in such manner as the University Council may prescribe. As you will see, the courses of study do not have to be identical in the two undergraduate colleges, but merely of equal value. Our courses of study differ in a multitude of details from those in Columbia College. Instruction is, as you know, given separately, and we have the right to manage it as seems best for our women students. Of course, if we did anything that seemed to lower standards and diminish the value of the degree, the University would, no doubt, admonish us; but nothing of this sort has ever happened.

I do not think that it would be of any use to you to have a long list of the differences in the arrangements of our courses -- even if I were able to give them. Two examples may suffice: - A year of economics is prescribed in Barnard College but this is not a prescribed subject in Columbia College; Columbia College prescribes only one modern foreign language, Barnard College prescribes two.

If you would like to make a detailed study of this matter you could do so by comparing the catalogues of the two undergraduate colleges.

I am mailing you a copy of my Phi Beta Kappa address, as you request.

With cordial regards and best wishes for your success, I am

Sincerely yours,

Virginia C. Gildersleeve