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503 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. Dec. 6, 1913.

Mrs. Hoover, Lee School, Bristol, Va.

Dear Mrs. Hoover: -

Your name has been giving me both bt Dr. J. H. McConnoll and Mr. [blank] in your section of the state as one who will probably take an interest in the movement now on in the State for the establishment of a Coordinate College for Women affiliated with the University and located at Charlottesville. I am enclosing you two small pieces of literature which will give you some information in regard to this matter. We are expecting to put in a bill this year for the third time, and I have very reasonable hope of success in regard to its passage. It is a matter of great moment to the people of our state, since the state makes no provision for the training of our women beyond the high school, save two years professional work offered by our Normals, which professional work is directed towards the training of the teachers for elementary and grammar grade schools.

The matter was very ably discussed at the recent meeting of the State Teachers Association and the movement very heartily endorsed by that organization, numbering as you know some 7000 white teachers.

Will you be kinds enough to drop me a line saying that you will be willing to do what you can to forward this matter in your district. it is our purpose to get on our correspondence list a sufficient number of influential men and women in each Congressional District of the State with whom we can keep in touch, getting them to lay the matter before the people of their sections of the state and to have it ventilated as far as may be in the local press both to interest the people in bringing their influence to bear upon their various representatives in the Senate and House of Representatives now about to convene in Richmond, urging their attention and favorable consideration and vote upon this matter when presented to them.

I have taken the liberty of writing you at the suggestion of the gentlemen mentioned above, trusting sincerely you will feel willing to cooperate with us in such a way as may be possible to you in this work for better educational opportunities for young women of our State.

I am,

Very sincerely yours, [blank]