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-2- to the hospital, I should judge Mr. Daniel was a little hazy in regard to this whole matter.

Mr. Daniel also suggests that "the Auditor of public accounts seemed to favor the Reed Bill." It would be interesting to know on what authority Mr. Daniel makes this statement. It is true that the State Superintendent asked for more money for the public schools, and this the common schools are receiving without any increase of taxation other than the new inheritance tax, a law for which passed this General Assembly, and the proceeds from which will go entirely to schools.

The funds for the common schools, as I now understand the matter, will be made up as follows: Regular millage tax on all property, which under the present law must go to the public free schools. In addition to the same we will have $580,000 instead of $530,000 as previously, through direct appropriation - $90,000 the natural increase on the new assessment of real estate; $75,000 derived from intangibles never before upon the books under the segregation plan, $250,000 being the portion allowed by this Legislature for schools from the back taxes on property formerly omitted. The inheritance tax, it is estimated will yield about $60,000 per annum.

You will see therefore the schools will get some $465,000 additional money from the State over and above what they have formerly received for the support of the schools without one cent of new taxation having been added. They will also get whatever is derived from the income tax, conservatively estimated at $60,000 per annum, which tax seems to be generally admitted to be an equitable one.

I cannot think, in the light of the above facts, that Mr. Daniel can justify his vote on the co-ordinate college bill by reason of his fear of an increase of taxes in Loudoun county if such a bill should have been passed by this Legislature.

In looking up the statistics for Loudoun county I find that the total average levy for the county and districts therein is 31¢; whereas the maximum allowed by the State, (which has been reached by about 65% or more of our counties) for local taxation is 50¢ for district and county combined.

Under the last statistics issued by the Department of Public Instruction on this matter Loudoun county received $17,953 from the State funds for the support of her schools and $47.808 for the same purpose from local funds. You will note that the percentage received from