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-3- local funds versus State funds is 73% as over against 27% from the State. The average between the two funds for Virginia as a whole is about the same as that for the United States as a whole, namely: about 29% for State funds. But it is expected that in rich counties like Loudoun a condition somewhat similar to that found in the cities will exist, namely: the proportion of local funds will be considerably in excess of the amount derived from the State, owing to the wealth existing in the locality and the ability, therefore, to help bring up the average for the poorer communities. If the schools in Loudoun need more money certainly the levy might be brought more nearly to the amount permitted by law, namely, 50¢ as over against 31¢, the present existing rate; and even with this rate in force, the assessments on the property may be correspondingly low. Personally I would respectfully recommend this latter consideration to Mr. Daniel, in view of his expressed interest in the common schools.

Mr. Daniel also suggests that he promised to vote for the bill if the friends of the bill would agree in turn not to ask the State for any appropriation in 1918. My understanding from Senator Earley, the leader of the fight, was that he told Mr. Daniel so far as his leadership was concerned, he would willingly agree not to ask for an appropriation in 1918, and I was under the impression that this was satisfactory to many of the closest friends of the bill, provided they could receive a charter at the hands of this Legislature.

Since our bill would have given the State of Virginia a quarter of a million dollars as a gift in the founding of this new institution, I do not quite see how Mr. Daniel can have seen his way clear, in the light of the above facts, to turn down this gift, with many of the closest friends of the college agreeing personally not to make a request for any appropriation even in 1918. As to Dr. N's letter the answer to question One is that the annuity to the University for the past few years has been some $80,000. It would be a matter of arithmetic to answer Question Two if the amount of taxes paid by Loudoun county into the State treasury were compared with the total amount of taxes raised by the entire State. I should not think that this proportion would show that Loudoun had sent any vast amount of her funds to the State University direct.

In looking up the matter I find that Loudoun county has 8 students at the University, so that she would seem to be receiving in the matter of trained leaders sent directly from her own county some quid pro quo for such small percentage of her funds as were directed to the support of this State institution. The number of students at the University this year from Virginia is [blank]

Since the annuity is $80,000, the answer to Question Three is plain, but we must not forget that two thirds of the income of the University is derived from their endowment fund and from the fees of students for the most