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in existence prior to ten years back, whereas that for women has been almost entirely created during these ten years.

Not satisfied with this, the total amount appropriated by the Legislature of 1914 for the two years ending February, 1916 for men was 116,750 in excess of the amount appropriated per annum for the four normal schools.

Now everybody knows, not only the economic, but the social asset of trained and broadly cultured womanhood to any commonwealth. Can this state of affairs continue to exist in enlightened and chivalrous Virginia with any justice either to the women, the tax payers who have daughters or to the State's own dignity and reputation as one among the great commonwealth's of the Union?

I hope this letter may be of some value to you and regret very much that I have been unable to write you sooner, but fancy it will be in time to meet your needs for the paper this week.

Please be kind enough to send me any issues of your paper in which the co-ordinate college matter will be discussed.

I understand you have a grand rally of some kind with educational features every August. It would be a fine thing if the co-ordinate college might be adequately discussed at this time by some prominent local person like Mr. White.

Appreciating your interest and bespeaking your further co-operation, and assuring you also of my willingness to help you at any time so far as my strength will permit, I am,

Sincerely yours, [blank]