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Form A6 9-26-17-5000

Railway Light Power Charlottesville & Albemarle Railway Company

F.C. Todd, President W. R. Morton, Sec'y & Treas. John L. Livers, Vice-Pres. & Gen. Mgr.

Charlottesville, Va. January 3, 1918 Mrs. M. B. Munford. 503 East Grace St. Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford:- Enclosed please find a letter from Mr. Chas. W. Hulfish, also letter from Mr. A. Smoot, Jr., of Alexandria, and of my reply to Mr. Hulfish's letter. While I believe I can appreciate just how you feel after all your efforts in the Co-ordinate College, I hope that you will not give up the fight to put it through the present Legislature, as from what I can hear outside, the chances of its going through this time would be greater than ever. Of course I do not know just that effect the action of the Board of Visitors would have, but in talking with Mr. Patton, University of Virginia Librarian, yesterday afternoon, he was of the opinion that we should go ahead with the movement and the action of the Board of Visitors would help rather than detract from it. I will appreciate a letter from you, at your leisure, advising at just what conclusion, if any, you have arrived in reference to this matter. Confidentially, I have talked to Mr. McNutt as to a co-educational bill and he heartily approved of it, and will support a bill of this kind. With kind regards, Very truly yours, John L. Livers, JLL- McL (Encls.)