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[this letter appears to speak of some sort of social work involving weaving and some of my interpretations of some words was based on this hypothesis. There are definite references to silks and wool]

ROANOKE COUNTY EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE MRS. J. H. WHITNER, PRESIDENT MRS. S. G. ZOLLMAN, VICE-PRES. MRS. L. H. FAVILLE, VICE-PRES. MRS. G. E. MILES, SEC'Y & TREAS. MISS MAY MOTTLEY, COR. SEC'Y R.F.D.3. ROANOKE, VA. My dear Mrs. Munford - Thank you for the cards & literature I will mail you a report on our work as soon as we finish the planting. I am anxious to have the State co-operate with me in connection with my mountain mission I find there is no administrative agent in Washington, Scott or [illegible] Cos. The great need there is quite apparent to one who travels among these