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[the typewritten portion appears to be a carbon copy of image 3. On this image, "Daniel Harmon" is written in pencil and the date appears as 1914 instead of 1912] .#2. a provision to pay for the land, &c. Nothing was appropriated for maintenance. IN the case of the woman's college the land is already provided and hence no appropriation is necessary for that purpose and the situation, therefore, is identical with the situation as provided by the Act of Feb. 21, 1818, with reference to the University of Virginia.

On Jan. 25, 1819, the University of Virginia was charged. The only reference made in the act of incorporation regarding the use of public money is found in Section 6 in these words: "To draw from the Literary Fund each moneys as are by law charged on it for this institution."

It may be added that the argument that one legislature should not bind future generations to a financial program would destroy all the important enterprises of the State if it were to prevail. Virginia binds its future generations to maintain its University already established, to extend its other educational undertakings, and to care for its eleemosynary institutions; indeed for all of its continuing activities. [written at bottom] Daniel Harman 1914