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POSTAL TELEGRAPH - COMMERCIAL CABLES TELEGRAM RECEIVED AT MAIN OFFICE 1216 EAST MAIN STREET RICHMOND, VA. TELEPHONES. 804. 805 AND 806 OR CALL "POSTAL" CLARENCE H. MACKAY, PRESIDENT TELEGRAM DELIVERY NO. The Postal Telegraph Cable Company (Incorporated) transmits and delivers this message subject to the terms and conditions printed on the back of this blank. DESIGN PATENT NO. 40529 16R-16846 296W. P. --- 654 pm: 29 - A-Chicago, Ill., Feb. 5-14. 253 Mrs. M.C.B.Mumford, 523 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va. I believe one friend has expressed his sympathy and interest in the strongest terms and I doubt if any further effort would be fruitful sorry but with best wishes. C.R.Crane.