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[imprinted letterhead] Edwin P Cox Attorney at Law No. 1103 Main St. Richmond, VA.

April 24th 1916.

Mrs. Mary Cooke Branch Mumford, 503 E Grace St. Richmond Va. My dear Mrs. Munford: Your letter of the 10th. instant has been received and I am glad that you have written me so frankly about this matter. The proposition is perfectly agreeable to me, and, if the resources of your organization will be strained by the payment of $125, you may do whatever you think proper. I had hesitated about sending in any bill at all in this case and it was only at your earnest solicitation that I did so. I would rather not have had any charge at all but when you asked me to make one I made the charge as previously suggested by you. If you think proper you may put down the difference as a donation from me. I do not desire you to feel that I am placing you or your league under any obligations to me in this matter by any reduction of this charge or its complete elimination for the reason that I believe your cause was a good one. Yours sincerely, Edwin P. Cox