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"[written across top sideways]" 2 P.M. Have just wired Mr. Hoge - We call him Harris Hoge here - did not recognize him as Sam'l H. Hoge. Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. Feb 15th 1916 My dear Mrs. Munford: Sunday I got into communication with Mr. Battle over phone - he only got home midnight Sat. night. Since then, I have been speechless from larengitis and too ill to think. A house party and reception for my daughters leaving proved to be almost too much for me. Consequently I have been unable to carry out Mr. Battle's suggestion as to a petition signed by as many men as possible to be brought to bear on Mr. Brown. I called up Mrs. Ellis, from my bed, and she promised to see if she could get Mrs. Richardson, chairman of School Com. of the Civic Club to get signatures, but I fear it is going too slow to help "[?dy]". Miss Ellis thinks Mr. Brown is set against the bill - he told one woman