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Virginia Division U.D.C.

President, Mrs. A.A. Campbell. Wytheville. Wytheville, Va. Aug. 16th, '12. My dear Mrs. Randolph:

Replying to your inquiry as to my objection to the proposed bill for a co-ordinate at or near the University, I desire to say that last winter, when the matter was first under discussion, I was informed that the measure had received the almost unanimous endorsement of the Faculty, and I was entirely willing to cooperate in any plan which had received their sanction, but when the bill was presented to the Legislature it differed materially from the form in which they had endorsed it, and met at once with violent opposition from several members of the Faculty, the entire student body, and a majority of the alumni. It was certainly not like Radcliffe College, to which allusions were so often made, and although it claimed not to be co-educational, it would be difficult to define in the exact wording of the bill why it could not easily be considered so. Class rooms, lawns and corridors equally free to both sexes would assuredly give it the appearance of co-education, and the trifling distinction that the class rooms should not be occupied at the same hour by both sexes appears to be the only restriction which would prevent it being broadly termed co-educational. I certainly did not know in the inception of this matter that the same class rooms were to be used.