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Virginia Division U.D.C. President: Mrs. A. A. Campbell, Wytheville, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Frank Holladay, Suffolk, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. P. B. Green, Wytheville, Treasurer, Mrs. S. A. Riddick, Smithfield, Registrar, Mrs. J. R. K. Bell, Pulaski, Recorder of Crosses, Mrs. J. A. Alexander, Alexandria. Wytheville, Va., Jan 12 My dear Mrs Randolph, Your letter with legislative bill enclosed is to hand. I favor it most heartily, and not only agree with all you state but could add to it, for I have intimate friends who went to Columbia for their degrees. The point at issue is simply that as President of the Va Div. I was asked to prepare a statement to the effect that the Roanoke Convention endorsed the establishment of a State College at Charlottesville. Personally I think it would have been a very good think for the Convention to have done, but my own recollection is not clear that this was done. The paper read by Mrs Hart is not in the minutes, Mrs. Hart writes me that she does not accurately remember her motion, but that the movement for co-ordinate education was endorsed, which is just what is stated on Page 36. I have a letter from Miss Dano in my papers to log before the Board and I will ask for their action on the subject. It would do the cause no good for the President of the Division to publish something which the official record contained in the Minutes did not substantiate. I thought therefore that the wise course was to read to the Board this letter, & get an official instruction from the Board. I have heard nothing further from any member of the Board. Mrs. Guthrie, Mrs Walke, Mrs Holmes have not notified me whether