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503 East Grace Street December 24, 1915 Mrs. [illegible] Moffitt, Herndon, Va.,

My Dear Mrs. Moffitt:

The Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia is meeting the early part of next week to take some action on the Coordinate College matter. They now have before them a copy of the Bill in practically the same shape in which it was offered to the legislature in 1914.

We are most anxious that they should endorse this Bill, and to that end have asked people in various sections of the State to write them asking that such action be taken at the coming meeting. I know of no one who caries more weight and influence than yourself, not only because of the fact that you have been connected for so many years with the school work in the rural districts, but because of your prominence and leadership in the organization of the summer school alumni.

Will you not, therefore, even at this busy season, write promptly to the University, addressing your letter To the President and Board of Visitors, and asking that they take favorable action on the bill now before them for the establishment of the Coordinate College, adding such arguments for the wisdom of so doing as will occur to you out of your own experience?

While I am writing I am writing I will also ask that during the next ten days you write a letter to Governor Stuart telling him why you believe the creation of this college is a necessity. It would also help if you would get some of your friends in the country among the teachers, the alumni of the summer school or the parents of the girls in the public high schools to write similar letters within the next few weeks to the Governor.

I understand that the Governor is anxious to know that the people out in the State think with reference to this matter, especially the people, as he expresses it, who do not belong to the so called "high brows".

The outlook for the passage of the bill at the hands of this legislature is better than at any time in the past, but it will need a long pull, a strong pull and a pull all together in order to be successful.

Please give the above matter your attention, and drop me a line with reference to the same.

With cordial good wishes both for Christmas and the New Year, I am, Sincerely yours, [blank] Chairman Central Committee