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Richmond, Va., Jan. 20, 1916.

Hon. G. Walter Mapp, Accomac, Va. My dear Senator: I thank you for your courteous letter. I am sorry that at the time of its writing you did not feel prepared to allow us to use your name as one of the patrons of the Coordinate College Bill. We still hope that when you come to the City that, since the Bill will probably still be with the Committee and therefore can with ease have patrons' names added to the same, you will feel willing to put your name as a patron on the back of our Bill. We especially desire this because you are one of the Senators who started out opposed to this measure and have now come to feel its justice and necessity, and for that reason your name is a reply to many of the arguments used against our Bill by those whose minds are still blocked by the difficulties which confronted you four years ago. Of course, we are expecting your support in the measure when it comes up for a vote. I have understood that your mind was made up on this question. Your first letter stated that you had "eratically changed your position since the Bill was first brought to your attention." Since your votes have been cast twice against the Bill, "a radical change" means to me a vote for the Bill at this time. With regards to Mrs. Mapp, and hoping we may have you back in your seat in the Senate, from which you are much missed, I am, with personal regards, Sincerely yours, [blank]