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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia January 17, 1916.

Mrs. Mary B. Munford, Richmond, Virginia.

Dear Mrs. Munford:

I congratulate you upon the splendid lot of men you have secured as patrons for the coordinate college bill. It does seem to me that if seventeen men of the type who are on this bill cannot have influence enough in the body to put it over, it is rather a hopeless task.

I received Saturday a copy of the Northampton Times at Charles City with a strong editorial by Mr. John Daniel, a good friend of mine and a former member of the Fredericksburg Normal School Board.

President Alderman and myself expected to come to Richmond tomorrow for a few days to look over the land but the fight for the Judgship is so warm that we have decided to wait until that is over as we do not wish to drag in too many issues. We will now probably not be able to come before early next week.

Very sincerely,

Charles G. Maphis