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503 East Grace St., Richmond, Va. May 19, 1917.

Dr. J. P. McConnell, Radford Normal School, East Radford, Va.

My dear Dr. McConnell:

Yours of May 8th with reference to the Virginia Society for the Study of Education was duly received. Among the subjects which it would seem to me advisable should engage the study of our Society, I suggest the following:

First, how best to increase our revenues for the public schools and in this connection the suggestion for some plan whereby we may secure larger revenues for the schools from local sources, especially in the counties of the state where the underassessment of property makes and will continue to make the maximum of levy by the county and district together with the state appropriation insufficient to produce good schools in those localities.

Second, the importance and advisability of opening our State University at Charlottesville to the women of the state.

Third, the best method for increasing the totally inadequate annual supply of well trained teachers for elementary schools.

Fourth, some provision for assisting our county superintendents in their work of supervision by making visiting supervising teachers, industrially trained, available under their direction in the counties.

I am very much interested in the work of our Association and look for the significant results as the result of its organization.

With kind personal regards, I am

Sincerely yours,