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This Indenture made the 23rd day of May 1859 between Peachy Mann a free woman of color now of the County of Goochland but formerly of the County of Fluvanna the Mother of Thomas and Wilson Mann infants under the age of fourteen years (which said infants have been residing in the County of Fluvanna for several years past) of the one part and John C Hughes of the said County of Fluvanna of the other part: Witnesseth: That the said Peachy Mann by and with the allowance and consent of the County Court of Fluvanna County, by an order of the said Court made on the 25th day of April 1859 in pursuance of the statute in that case made and provided has put and placed and by these presents does put and place the said Thomas and Wilson Mann children of the said Peachy Mann of the following ages to wit: the said Thomas thirteen years of age and the said Wilson eleven years of age, apprentices to the said John C. Hughes with him to dwell and serve from the day of the date of these presents until the said apprentices shall each respectively arrive at his full age of twenty one years. And the said Peachy Mann for herself, her heirs, executors and administrators doth hereby covenant promise and agree to and wish [with] the said John C. Hughes, his executors and administrators that the said Thomas and Wilson Mann the said John C. Hughes their master shall and will faithfully serve in all lawful business according to their power, wit and ability and honestly, orderly and obediently in all things demean and behave themselves towards their said Master during the said term of apprenticeship. And the said John C. Hughes for himself his heirs executors and administrators doth covenant promise and agree to and with the said Peachy Mann her executors and administrators by these presents that he the said John C. Hughes shall and will teach and instruct the said Thomas and Wilson Mann or cause them to be taught and instructed in the art, occupation and mystery of a farmer and planter in the best way and manner that he can during the said term, and shall and will during all the term aforesaid, find, provide and allow unto the said Thomas and Wilson Mann competent and sufficient meat, drink, apparel, lodging, washing