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(b) When this war ends women will continue to be called upon to occupy leading positions in our industrial and commercial world as well as in social service. France and England are not waiting for the end of the war to re-organize their educational system, but are doing it right now in the midst of war. Therefore, as a far-sighted war measure adequate provision for the training of women should not be delayed in Virginia.

(c) The time is opportune from a financial standpoint. According to our Auditor, the State revenues are larger than ever before in the history of the State and rapidly increasing. The balance in the treasury is larger than it has been for ten years past. Large sums, I take it, will not be appropriated by the Legislature for the erection of new buildings anywhere because at present no wise man is building on account of the scarcity of material, the high price of labor, etc. Therefore, this Legislature will have more money than any past one for such enterprise. While the war has made heavy demands on individuals, it has not and will not create heavy additional expenses for the State government, and therefore we are in good position financially to undertake this work even if a considerable sum of money should be asked, but the friends of the measure are only going to ask for a charter and a small appropriation of $25,000 with which to begin work, if it is deemed wise by the Board of Visitors, in temporary quarters, and condition is distinctly made in the bill that the Legislature will not be asked for large appropriation for buildings or any appropriation for this purpose until after $150,000 has been raised by private subscription.

3. You state that you are not enthusiastic over the coordinate idea. I believe if you will read carefully Dean Page's statement as to the economy of such coordination as is proposed that you will be convinced that the coordinate idea is the correct one. I admit that the cheapest method and the one most in vogue is co-education I am not as heartily opposed to co-education in principle as some other persons, but I believe most firmly that a coordinate college in an old institution like the University of Virginia with its traditions, with its unique life and plant, is very much more sensible than to attempt co-education. I believe very firmly, too, that within a very few years we will have at the University co-education or coordination, and of the two forms I am decidedly in favor of the latter. I think if some energetic legislator would get back of a bill for co-education at the University it would find tremendous support in our present Legislature, but I believe it will be a mistake and, therefore, am anxious to secure the coordinate form before the other is forced upon us. If you have read the signs of the times, I am sure you will agree with me that Virginia cannot much longer maintain the unique position of being the only State in the union and the only government in the world which does not make some provision for the higher education of women where that provision is made for men. No matter how strong we may desire to cling to the old order of things and how we may love and revere our traditions, we cannot do so in the face of the wonderful progress of the twentieth century.

4. Now in regard to your own attitude in this matter. I think you say rightly that all of your energy and time must be devoted during this assembly to the interest of certain legislation upon which there is common agreement among educators. I do not think it would be wise for you to become an active partisan for the coordinate college at this time, but I do think that as head of the educational system you will have to have a very decided opinion either for or against this movement. I do not believe you can occupy a middle ground, and all that the friends of the coordinate college will ask or expect of you, then, is when your opinion is sought on the subject it will be either positively for the proposition or positively against it and, of course, we hope for your support and expect to do all we can to secure that support to the extent mentioned.