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503 East Grace Street February 19, 1916 Miss Elizabeth Ivey, 1346 22nd Street, Newport News, Va. My Dear Miss Ivey: Your various communications are to hand. It is also my information that Senator Holt will vote for the bill, though I think some further interest on the part of the citizens of Newport News shown to Mr. Murray would be helpful.

I note what you say in reference to Mr. W. W. Harwood. Will you please get him to look up any of the other members of the Legislature who may be here, either directly or indirectly? Often people can help with other delegates than those from their own section if the latter happen to be "O.K."

The postal card from one of your worksre at Bowlers, Virginia, is very helpful. Miss Hundley, from her District, needs assistance very much, and she might also be able to help with Mr. Stubbs in the First District. I do not, however, know her name, since the postal is signed simply "R.N.C." Please wire me, at my expense, her name so that I may communicate with her direct as to the situation here, which I am under the impression she can help with.

Your telegram this morning says that Mrs. Tise (or thus the name appears on the telegram) reports her members "O.K." Senator Gravatt is "O.K.", but Mr. Beale of Caroline is among those with whom at this time we desire special assistance. I cannot locate the name of "Tice" in our books, since you do not seem to have reported any chairman in Caroline County. Please wire me also this name, that I may have it correctly, as i need it at once. Please get me this information upon receipt of this letter.

With good wishes, and thank you for your work, I am, Sincerely yours, [blank] Chairman Central Committee