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Lynchburg, Virginia, April 24-1917 My dear Miss McKenney,- I would suggest that you write direct to the president of Sweet Briar College and ask her to take the chairmanship of your league in Amherst county and appoint Miss Sara Robertson as her vice-chairman. Mrs. Kyle tells me that Miss MacVeigh (I do not know how to spell her name) is much interested in the Co-ordinate College, and you could have no better worker than Miss Robertson if she will agree to serve, and this I believe she would consent to do at Miss MacVeigh's request. I am hoping earnestly that the Co-ordinate College League will determine to keep entirely out of the public mind and eye this year, and, unless sure of sufficient strength to win in the next legislature, that no bill will be presented. I fear a strong organization among the younger alumni which will put a good working opposition in the next House, and I believe the best way to outwit them is to let them find themselves without an enemy to fight-in other words, that we retreat to a stronger position than we can hope to have this year if many of these young men are elected to the legislature. The war gives a good ground upon which to retreat in good order and hold our organization ready to fight any measure introduced to take the pace of the Co-ordinate College plan. I feel very strongly that these are the tactics for this year's campaign. We should keep organized and informed, but join the "gum shoe" division. Very sincerely, Anna L. Jones