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The University of Virginia PUBLICITY COMMITTEE UNIVERSITY, VIRGINIA 1/16/'18 Miss Virginia S. McKenney 137 S. Sycamore St. Petersburg, Va. My dear Miss McKenney,--

My arrival back at the University was delayed on account of a slight operation so that I am delayed very much in acknowledging the article which you so kindly sent me. But the lapse of time in no way lessens the very real appreciation which I and the rest of the staff feel for the assistance you have rendered us in this matter.

Your article will appear in Saturday's issue of Topics and I will certainly mail you a copy that you may have an opportunity for correction should we have allowed any typographical errors to slip in to the publication, which I sincerely hope will not be the case. You may be interested to know that after many long hours of "Virginia gumming sessions" we have decided to advocate the establishment of a co-ordinate school, in our paper.

Thanking you again for your real aid and generous interest I am most sincerely,- Howard Turner Jones