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a love and respect for the most justly honored of Virginia institutions of learning. The University of Virginia would thus be able to draw more largely than ever before from the brightest young men of the State and would be able to return them to their communities better fitted for citizenship than if they had been left to wander off to less verile and less enlightened institutions. The State needs men. Help the women of the State to train the boys of the State to answer this call for a high type of manhood.

The question of cost is always a consideration in the establishment of any college. Dean Page estimates that a co-ordinate college run in connection with the University of Virginia can be maintained at one half the amount required to run a less efficient college elsewhere. Co-education is less expensive still; but there are considerations which make efficiency and a good college spirit more necessary to be looked to than the saving of money. A separate college of the standing of the University of Virginia would be so expensive as to be impracticable. A college of less efficiency than the University would never satisfy the women of the State. The result would be what has already happened in Missippi. Virginia would find itself burdened with an inefficient college for women and at the same time compelled to admit women as co-educational students in the state university.

A co-ordinate college in connection with the University could not lower the standard of the work done at the University. It would have the same professors that the University has; and they would see to it that the same standards maintain in both institutions. Radcliffe professors are Harvard appointments. The same is true of Barnard and Columbia. Who would dare to question the standards of any one of these institutions?

Thomas Jefferson as the father of the educational system of