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CARY F. JACOB, M.S., PH. D February 23, 1919.

Mrs. B. B. Munford, 403 East Grace Street, Richmond, Virginia. My dear Mrs. Munford:--

Before I left Virginia last year, I met Mr. John Swanson of Danville. He is brother to Claude Swanson, and, I am told, is much more influential locally than Claude, and in a large measure responsible for the vote which Claude is able to poll. I talked to him about a co-ordinate college; and I should not be surprised if you can not get his support if you will start to work on him early in the next campaign---that is, if you are planning another. Mr. Swanson makes the appearance of being a thoroughly good, sensible, plain man, who ought to be open to conviction on any subject not more than fifty years behind the times.

I shall probably be in Virginia next summer. If I am, I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you and of talking over with you the prospects for success next year. I am rather discouraged. I do not want the University to be made a co-educational college. At the same time, something must be done for the women of Virginia; and co-education seems to be the only plan which will cost our political misers nothing. I am wondering how the Smith bill will aid in giving our women the training they ought to have.

With very best wishes, I am

Cordially yours,

Cary F. Jacob.