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My dear Miss McKenny,

I received your letter and the pamphlets concerning the Co-ordinate College a few days ago. Mrs Goodwin has no doubt written you that she will accept the District chairmanship. I will accept the Roanoke chairmanship with the assistance of some of the members of the College Club.

I have delayed this letter until I could consult Mrs. Temple and Mrs. Whitner about the county chairmanship. They are both leaders in county work, in close touch with both teachers and people through the County Civic League. This is the organization through which we should work. It is composed of the patrons & teachers of the county schools and works under the Virginia Educational Association. As such, it has a very definite political influence. Both Mrs Whitner and Mrs. Temple recommended strongly for county chairman, Miss Ocie Stiff, Principal of Virginia Heights School, and secretary of the County Civic League. However, they did not her know position in regard to the Co-ordinate College. Mrs. Goodwin will ascertain this and will report to you whether she endorses this recommendation.

We are prepared to take up the campaign actively as soon as the Food campaign is over. We want to complete our organization and also get the cause thoroughly before the public through the press before the meeting of the Va. Educational Conference here on Nov. 28, 29, 30. Please let us know what means are to be used to place the Co-ordinate College before this gathering of 2000 teachers, school officials and social workers.

I need more pamphlets for use among the Roanoke teachers who will help me through the City Teachers' Association and also for my workers at Hollins. I would like to have these as soon as possible. Mrs. Whitner and Mrs. Temple asked that you send them the information also. They will do splendid work.

Please send us any other information or suggestions that will help us in the publicity or organization work.

Sincerely yours, A. B. Johnson (Mrs. J.W.C.)

Addresses Mrs. R. K. Temple R.F.D. 4, Roanoke Mrs. J. H. Whitner R.F.D. Roanoke