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MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Fred L. Keeler, Superintendent John M. Munson, Deputy Superintendent George N. Otwell, Assistant Suerpintendent, Lansing, March 1, 1914. My dear----------------: I left Richmond sooner than I anticipated and consequently did not write you before I left.

We have four state normal schools in Michigan. The oldest one is at Ypsilanti, and this is the only one where degrees are given. Last year we graduated seven hundred and fifty from Ypsilanti and gave eleven degrees. We do not consider the degree given at Ypsilanti a very strong degree. The colleges and the University are the schools that give the degrees for Michigan. The function of the normal schools, and this includes Ypsilanti, is to prepare teachers for the grades and not for the high school. It is not the function of the normal school at Ypsilanti to confer degrees. This was done several years ago to satisfy a personal ambition of a person connected with the normal school at Ypsilanti.

I shall forward to you the bulletins, etc., from this office. Any time I can be of service to you I am at your command. Yours very truly, Fred L. Keeler. (Copy)